Wet Socks and Ice Blocks

February 25, 2009

Living without petroleum products for a day was tiring, to say the least! The camera crew came to our house at exactly 9:30 am as promised. They set up a few shots ahead of time, filmed us having breakfast in our normal fashion, and took footage of, well, my feet. I should have known they were up to something when they did that. It wasn’t until it came time to figure out what we could wear that I realized I couldn’t wear shoes because all the soles were made of plastic.


So they ‘filmed’ me walking in the snow in wool socks. In reality, I walked perhaps twenty paces, but it felt like walking on ice. Freezing! They were very forthcoming, however, and quickly rushed me back to the house in their van. It wasn’t really a complete day without petroleum products, but the concept was beautifully presented and they were extremely polite. As a gesture of my gratitude for their kindness (except for the sock thing), I gave each of them an autographed copy of my book SAHM I Am in German (Erkenntnisse einer Vollzeitmutti). You should have seen their eyes light up! For a split second in time, I felt like a celebrity. It was a sweet moment!

The show is slated to air on March 15th. More then!


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