Difference between vision, purpose, values, and mission

March 24, 2009

During a brief email exchange with Kevin W. McCarthy, the On-Purpose® guru, he pointed out the differences between vision, purpose, values, and mission. Vision is what you see before you. Purpose resides in the heart. Mission is completed through action. Values reside inside. Since pictures speak a thousand words, I asked if I might have permission to post this image.  He agreed.


7 Responses to “Difference between vision, purpose, values, and mission”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I love it! So true.

  2. slowfamilyliving Says:

    That is a great image to accompany that description. The info should stick now! Thanks.

  3. Baldev K Seekri Says:

    I am in the orocess of writing a book on Organizational Turnaround. This pictorial explanation of Purpose, Vision ,Mission and Values is great. Can I use this in my book

  4. austine oleh Says:

    powerful and awesome visual teaching with great insight,I love it thanks

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  6. John Marine Says:

    you know what?/ Slow living and slow ” being ” BEING ” is the salient word description —–just focus on what you are doing NOW– go silent for a while- just shut up Dinkweed? (**&7 lololo—-just slow up in all things and start with how fast you type- start there—– just start typing everything a little bit slower each day – focus on the keyboard- lolol—just focus on what you are doing – right here right now-hehehehehhehehehe=====it is that simple- !!!!!!!!! get it??????? focus- go slow—go silent- and you could try reclusive also– this is good for me – right here right now ====only —-does all this make sense to you?? it does to me!!!!- for right here right now -lololol—funny thing is I mean it !!! best to all – if you get this and want to respond try –rhodes350@gmail.com==thanks a lot- and be grateful for all the time you have

  7. ethiopia Says:

    Exellent explanation, i like it.

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