Need a slow vacation? Use your tools

April 10, 2009

As we head into the holiday weekend, I have happily put on my autoresponder reminding people I will not be available until late Monday. Sure, I put the usual mobile phone number for emergencies, but who’s really going to call an international number over Easter?

toolsIn today’s 24/7 world of instant availability, it is tempting to always be ‘on’. While chatting with a client the other day, we agreed it is good to unplug.

“Are you really going on vacation or will you secretly be checking email?” he asked me.

“I’ll be in turtle-speed Internetland so there’s no way I’ll be online. Trust me.”

It is a relief to not have wireless access or high-speed Internet at my in-laws house. It is a safe haven of unplugged fun.

Need a slow vacation? Use those tools that normally keep you chained to your desk to unleash yourself for a few days! Autoresponders rule!


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