I’m excited to have public radio host Gary Ellenbolt’s participation in this Wednesday Wisdom series. His message is one to which we can all relate ~ finding time to show others you love them.

Listen to Gary Ellenbolt share his wisdom of taking the time with those who matter most. [Listening instructions – click on the link, then click again for your media player to open. Be sure to deactivate any pop-up blockers.]

Mary Westheimer, who works for Arizona-based sculptor Kevin Caron, shares a neat story about how time expands and contracts whenever she places herself in the flow of life. Fearless and calm, she’s made it across Phoenix in the time it takes to order a Starbucks double latte skim at lunch time.

Listen in on Mary’s story here to find out how you can make time, too. [Listening instructions: Deactivate your pop-up blocker; click on the link, then click on it again. Click on ‘open’ to listen to the .wav file. It’s rudimentary, but it works!].

Focus is hard to come by, especially when the temptation of a thousand distractions pulls at our kids’ attention. Bach Kids Daydream Remedy is a great, alcohol-free way to bring your kids’ concentration back on track.

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Cynthia Colby’s advice is simple: make an appointment with yourself every day. Using her daytimer, she literally pencils herself in so that no matter how productive she is with other clients, she can also find time for herself, too.

As a communications specialist with Cynthia P. Colby (Creative Communications), she produces  radio and tv commercials so Cynthia’s audio is especially worth a listen! [Listening instructions: click on the link, then click on it again for your media player to open. Be sure to deactivate any pop-up blockers you may have.]

Family Vacation

August 7, 2009

Air travel leaves me with a blend of thrill and fear. There’s something remarkably impossible about lifting people into the sky for a few hours, only to land safely on the other side of the world. When packing, I usually reach a point where I say “If I don’t have it by now, I don’t need it.” It’s a motto of mine I use for most every occasion that involves hunting and gathering.

The holidays is another time of year in which I engage in the “Done, not perfect” attitude. We can only get so much done, see so many people, wrap so many gifts.

Taking vacation to see family, like we are tomorrow, is no different. Everyone wants a bit of your time; it is a loving and joyous request that can sometimes pile up into a scheduling nightmare. We are challenged to learn to say ‘no’ with kindness, to set boundaries and to preserve the integrity of what vacation is all about ~ rest, relaxation and fun!

Take the power of slow wherever you go. I am reminded to do the same.

Eileen Flanagan met via this blog. She kindly sent me her new release (available for pre-order now, out Spetember 17th) , The Wisdom to Know the difference: When To Make a Change and When to Let Go. It is a moving book with great insights about discernment and self-reflection. After all, how much of our time is spent worrying about that which we cannot change?

wisdomThe book offers real-life case studies of various people who have gone through life-altering experiences. While not all of us face the same challenges, we all face the same choice ~ to let go or hold on. Oftentimes it is not clear which path to take.

Eileen offers encouragement to seek out what is truly important to us. The second chapter, Knowing Yourself, resonated the most as it provides a framework for mindfulness. She quotes Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Nanh:

When you need to slow down and come back to yourself, you do not need to rush moe to your meditation cushion or to a meditation center in order to practice conscious breathing.

Or consciousness, for that matter. You can breathe consciously wherever you are.

Eileen goes on to say how parenting is an ‘extended course in mindfulness’ as young children constantly live in the ever present moment.

I highly recommend the book for its useful discourse about the choices we make and the challenges we seek. The wisdom in life is knowing the difference.

Craftmaster James Dillehay has learned to turn passion into profits. By teaching yoga, he gets to do what he loves. By selling crafts, he is able to literally weave his love into his work.

Here’s James Dillehay in his own words…[Listening instructions: click on the link, then click on it again for your media player to open. Be sure your pop-up blocker has been deactivated.]

Commuting to the sound stage 80 miles round trip can be unnerving. Unforseeable traffic snags, endless red lights, and the early morning fog that encapsulates my head sometimes are variables that invite clock combat on the highest levels.

time warpSo I decided to try something new ~ as I motored toward the film studio in hopes of a timely arrival, I decided that the very moment I arrive is the right moment. Not a second too soon, not a second too late. Even as I seemed to hit every red light from the point my decision was made until the entry gate at Bavaria Films, I embraced time as friend.

The amazing part? I arrived in record time.

Ever since I tried my time collapse experiment, the commute seems to get shorter and shorter and infused with more miracles than I care to count. There is something to be said for acceptance. Time abundance can be ours when we choose the here and now as the very place we are.

Every time.