The Gift of Time

November 4, 2009

So often we rush in a blur of activity, uncertain where our lives are taking us. It seems as though we are in reactive mode, being more the dealers than the designers of our days.

Giving someone the gift of your time is tremendous. It is a present as you are present with them. Over the past two weeks I have spent extraordinary moments with friends, family and strangers while touring the East Coast presenting my new book, The Power of Slow to various audiences and forums. It is as though I have experienced the gathering of the minds on a global scale.

No matter who you are, you make a difference. As my uncle said yesterday, our bodies are sojourners of the spirit. May we dance together to the beat of our personal metronome and remember always what is most important.

Feed your inner fire. The world needs you and all the talents you bring. Give your gift of time today. It is the most precious thing you could ever do.


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