Slow Release

November 23, 2009

Rituals are a part of our existence. Whether it is turkey at Thanksgiving or wearing red around the holidays, we all observe some type of ritual in our lives.

Recently, I developed a new ritual to take care of those things that get misplaced that would otherwise drive me into a tizzy as I upend the entire house to find them. I engage in a ritual of letting go. It’s a Blessing Way of sorts to the item that’s gone missing.

You may have read about my lost cell phone that showed up a week later in my eye glass case. It was as if the Universe were telling me to see with different eyes. After my initial shock, I blessed the missing cell phone and thanked it for having been in my life. Then I released it to the ethers with full acceptance that it’s journey with me had ended.

My daughter didn’t quite believe the effectiveness of this ritual until she came home one day with a long face. She had misplaced her new jacket that she loved dearly.

“Do the slow release,” I advised her with a motherly grin. For once, she actually stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

“I release you to the Universe. Thank you, jacket!” And, of course, a few days later she came back with it in hand. She had left it in the science lab. By some miracle (or perhaps it had been her blessing?), no one had taken it.

The slow release says things are just as they should be. So if you’re stridently looking for those missing keys, try saying a gratitude prayer instead. Chances are they’ll resurface the moment you let go of how things should be.


2 Responses to “Slow Release”

  1. contoveros Says:

    I let my car go today. Well, it would not start and I left right where I had last driven it — the gas station for a fill-up, a new calendar and metal Gulf truck for Christmas.

    “You better leave it here,” the mechanic told me, as I handed over the key, hoped the cost of repair would not hurt too much, and walked off, not knowing if I’d see the car again later.

    I “let it go” when I got home and was able to concentrate on three chores I set out to do. Not once did I worry about the car. Got the chores finished and heard from the mechanic.

    “Cars ready. Was just a loose connection,” he said.

    Better yet, when I picked up the car, he told me “no charge.

    “Let me know if everything is okay.”

    Letting go worked for me. And I didn’t even have to lose something to find something.

    I found your post right here with lots of insight.

    michael j

  2. powerofslow Says:

    Michael ~ your story is a great example of how letting go and getting out of your own way can truly let miracles unfold. Good for you! I like your blog as well. Interesting stuff!

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