Poll ~ How Much Time Do YOU Spend on the Internet?

January 7, 2010

See also my essay on Psychology Today, “Job Dissatisfaction and Internet Use on the Rise”.


One Response to “Poll ~ How Much Time Do YOU Spend on the Internet?”

  1. Yes, our lives are changing indeed and in no small way. I suppose every generation can say this for one reason or another, but this is a very exciting time to live on planet earth!
    I remember when my kids were younger. I was fascinated at the relationships they were able to build with their classmates via IM or chat rooms that simply did not happen face to face. IMHO, it created a safe space to self-express which then grew into in-person relationships. The way young adults relate with one another so freely now (from my observations) is likely related to that wonderful technology that allowed them to experiment at a distance.

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