Dancing on the Fringe of Things

January 26, 2010

It is subtle at first: the ‘yes’ to that exciting new project; a nod to take on new levels of parenting (whether you feel prepared to do so or not); the impertinent weather that smacks your windshield as you navigate new roads to pick up loved ones.

Then it hits you. You have lost the alignment you exceedingly crave, that fine line between enough and too much. It comes in waves, washing over you with the tides of your life.

You drift, seemingly alone in the morass of demands. You can sense the faint music reaching your ears. Perhaps it is a hand-crank organ pipe and you its monkey, dancing on the fringe of things.

Life’s scary road leaves no street lamps to show you the way. You teeter. You totter. Then you wake up, realizing it was only a dream…

To which music do you dance? To whose rhythm does your heart beat?

I hope it is your own, and no one else’s.


2 Responses to “Dancing on the Fringe of Things”

  1. Oh, yes, the fringes of life are like a siren’s call. I do believe it’s a version of the “grass is always greener.” Something “new” always seems to look “better.” But, we need to make sure whatever “new” we bring in to our lives fits in with what we want. 🙂 Lovely post, darling!

  2. powerofslow Says:

    Thank you, love. Indeed, life is a dance. Sometime’s we’re on the fringe, sometimes full-throttle! 🙂

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