Honoring the Transitions

May 4, 2010

Embryonic development says it all. We develop our heart and our eyes before our brain. Yet how many of us actually see with our hearts? Children do. Many of us adults do not.

At some point in our human development we center ourselves around the mind. It is a useful tool that keeps us out of harm’s way; yet it also has a tricky power over the rest of us. Left unchecked, the bossy mind has its way with us.

Our days, much like the human body, are made up of parts. So often we rush seamlessly from one thing to the next without honoring the transition from heart to head and back again. We can express the power of slow by merely taking three long, deep breaths as we transition from meeting to phone call to instant message. While not every moment begs for deep breathing, we would do well to remember to breathe into every new moment as it approaches.

On those days when I honor the various roles I play, waving one goodbye as I embrace the next (and sometimes in tandem, holding each role by the hand), I am more centered by days’ end. When I divide myself up, giving away too much, I am left empty and disheartened.

Take a moment today to say a silent gratitude prayer for the roles that you play as you move from one moment to the next. It will help you realize your fullest potential and raise your awareness of how powerful you truly are.

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