Listen to the Heartsong

May 16, 2010

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Lynn A. Robinson penned a most wonderful guide with a simple, yet profound title: Listen. It is about hearing, then trusting, your inner voice.

We’re all born with a heartsong. How many of us fine tune it by actually listening to its words? Listen challenges us to embrace gratitude, deeply listen and engage in prayer or meditation to reflect on what is most important to us.

Create quiet time. In true power of slow style, one of her clients says: “It’s amazing all the helpful inner whispers I hear when I take time to slow down.”

Take just one step. When listening to your inner voice, you needn’t take a quantum leap toward your progress. A baby step will do. Sarah, a newly divorced single mom standing before possible financial ruin, heard her inner voice speak to her in a dream.

 “After many months of feeling like I was in a free fall, I woke up one morning and remembered a dream I’d had the night before. I couldn’T recall the details, but three words kept ringing in my head. They were ‘Just one step.’ When I thought of this, I felt like there was an inner voice encouraging me to do one step each day to feel better.”

Choose. Even in the midst of crisis, we have the power to choose how we react to the situation. While this may seem obvious, we tend to fall into victim mode when bad things happen. Embrace your power and know you can make a change, even if it’s merely how you’re viewing the situation at the moment.

What we resist persists. If we are fearful, and feel bad about it, too, we tend to push away those emotions. The more we resist, the larger the wound becomes. Welcome your fear with open arms. The moment you do, it will ease.

I highly recommend Lynn’s book if you are standing at a crossroads in your life!

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  1. […] The Power of Slow, a blog by Christine Louise Hohlbaum “Lynn A. Robinson penned a most wonderful guide with a simple, yet profound title: Listen. It is about hearing, then trusting, your inner voice…”, reader review by S. Lippincott “Through the combination of her deft writing skills and no-nonsense approach, she has demystified a topic that many consider a bit edgy and dubious. Whether you are currently in a crisis or simply curious, read this book for your own benefit, and then share it with your favorite skeptic.” Table of Contents […]

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