Mridu’s Snail Tales

June 14, 2010

Starting the day off with a giggle is a great thing to do!

Actually, my day started off with a slow wake-up (Germany played its first World Cup soccer match so brilliantly, we couldn’t get to sleep until well past bedtime), then the usual breakfast routine you-are-so-not-wearing-make-up-to-school-my-dear-daughter and a quick jaunt to the mechanic’s in town. Switching cars in the lot, my husband pressed 60 cents into my hand and said ‘Have at it.’ A breakfast roll was all I could afford at the country store.

But the giggle ~ the giggle got my day off right as I plunked down to sift through my inbox for anything delightful that might have transpired over the weekend.

And there it was. An email from my writer pal Mridu Khullar who has decided to blog about The Power of Slow and how she’s implementing the tips and tricks to a richer, slower life.

She’s calling it her snail tales. She’ll be giving away a few copies of The Power of Slow so swing on over this week to her blog, leave comments and have a conversation about what pace of life works for you.

Slow tip: Find something to laugh about today. Share it with someone else. Then share it with us here, too!

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One Response to “Mridu’s Snail Tales”

  1. This morning I was putting pants on my 3 year old and he said “put the penguin in the front. That way if I see a penguin I can look down and make sure it’s really a penguin.”

    Indeed a laugh is a great way to start. We have also found that the more we laugh, the more we laugh!

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