The Formula By Which We Live

July 28, 2010

Street clock in Globe, Arizona, USA
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We all live by a certain formula we set up for ourselves. Somewhere along the line we learn to filter, mask and derail specific notions about the world and ourselves. Until I realized speed would not make me happy, I thought beating the clock was the best way to live.

Not so.

My winning formula was clock combat. But what I didn’t realize is that clock combat = self combat. What are we truly racing toward…or against?

It all comes down to ourselves. We may define our lives by external matters such as a watch or the construct we call time. We might feel we are victim to our job, our co-workers, or our families.

There is no power from that space.

Abundant, joyful living does not stem from that place of lack, blame and exhaustion.

Abundance comes from within. I have changed my formula to one of infinite abundance: Time = existence. I am here. What will I do with my time? That is a question I answer every day now. Savoring the preciousness of our moments is a much deeper way to live.

From which formula do you operate?


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4 Responses to “The Formula By Which We Live”

  1. I operate from a heart centered place of peace. In that space, each moment is a gift to savor, relish, celebrate, praise for..I honor that space by opening my heart to the moment as it is presented, I present that gift to all around me by sharing from such a space..everything in my life flows from this space…

  2. powerofslow Says:

    What a beautiful approach to life! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. iWil Slow Down Says:


    There’s a smiley face that appears in the margin of this webpage, to the right of the July calendar. It made slow down and smile. Thank you.

  4. powerofslow Says:

    Hey Wilson,

    I have no idea how that smiley got there, but every time I see it, I smile back at it! Thanks for seeing it too!

    Warm regards,

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