Focus Fridays ~ Time-Zoning Your Way to Clarity

July 30, 2010

Being a transmeridian worker who never leaves her desk, I was impressed with attorney-at-law Matthew R. Kamula’s take on owning his time (okay, I get up to have lunch, hug the occasional tree and help the kids with homework, but there are days where I feel as planted to my chair as a Redwood is to the California soil).

But back to Matthew and his brilliant energy management technique. He calls it ‘time-zoning’. Because he literally manages three offices in different time zones, he has taught his team a particular technique, which he discusses in today’s podcast.

Matthew is the master of expectation management. While he admits he had to invest time on the front end, it has made his life a lot easier. Truth be told, he checks email only twice a day! So listen to Matthew speak about time, clocks and a management technique that’ll knock your socks off!

If you like what you hear, don’t forget to right-click, save, then place your Power of Slow badge of honor anywhere in your social media universe. We appreciate you spreading the word that slow is faster and that fast is merely exhausting!

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2 Responses to “Focus Fridays ~ Time-Zoning Your Way to Clarity”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by PraiseWalker, Christine Hohlbaum. Christine Hohlbaum said: [Slow Tip] Focus Fridays ~ Time-Zoning Your Way to Clarity: Being a transmeridian worker who never leaves her des… […]

  2. Christine,

    Thanks for highlighting Matthew’s way of managing his e-mail and time expectations to his service. Great idea to set expectations for availability.

    Also, made me think that when you “sleep” on an important issue, I always get an even better idea of how to handle the situation…so slow, in this case, does equal better!


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