Lift yourself up from the crush of the rush and remember:

Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. -Walter Hagen

For you shall not pass this way again…

Organizational techniques are as myriad as the people who create them. Stephanie Schneider, a rising junior at Carnegie Mellon University, offers her insights into procrastination and the need to satiate our love of the ‘new’. Hear her tale on how she overcame her inner pig-dog (that’s innerer Schweinhund for you Germanophiles) on today’s Focus Fridays podcast.

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Whilst Istroll along the Italian pool for two weeks, I leave you with some inspirational quotes. The first in the series speaks to the breeziness of our muse.

Take time every day to do something ridiculous. -Philipa Walker

Why? Because life is precious and is meant to be celebrated!

In The Power of Slow, I talk about creating the opening for amazing things to enter your life. This quote says it all.

Learn to pause… or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you. -Doug King

The power of the pause is mightier than your to-do list. How will you pause today?

Holistic animal healer, Tara McClure Purcell, speaks about the healing properties of nature. As a wildlife resuce specialist, she has observed how we can learn from animals. “Animals go at their own natural pace whereas we humans go too fast for our own good,” she says. Tune in to this week’s episode of Focus Fridays to hear more!

If you like what you hear, don’t forget to right-click, save, then place your Power of Slow badge of honor anywhere in your social media universe. We appreciate you spreading the word that slow is faster and that fast is merely exhausting!

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Forest Bathing

August 18, 2010

The Japanese are at it again. No, I’m not talking about their being replaced by China as the second largest world economy. I’m referring to their most interesting way of looking at life, Nature and well-being.

The other day I stumbled upon a New York Times article about forest bathing. Before you think you’ve got to grab a zinc tub and some Ivory soap and head for the woods, think again. Forest bathing refers to the Japanese term, “Shinrin-yoku”, which means to literally surround yourself with forest air. The airborne natural chemicals, phytonides, that plants emit to stave off insects and strengthen their immune system have been proven to increase our natural killer cell (aka white blood cell) activity. In a 2007 study of men who took a two-hour forest walk twice a day, their white blood cells increased by 50% in just a few days!  Japan’s Chiba University conducted another study that found the forest air let to lower concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol, a lower pulse rate and lower blood pressure. Now those are even more reasons to strap on your boots and go for that nature walk.

Although the University of Sussex claims a nature walk reduces stress only by 42% (as determined by pulse rate) while reading just six minutes brings your stress levels down by 68%, the side benefits of walking through the woods are very compelling.

So the next time you find you’re teetering toward burnout, push your chair back, walk away from your computer and head for the wooded hills for a slow walk.

Take a dip in the forest air. Your heart will thank you for it.


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Adèle Basheer, owner of, sat down for a chat about how her singular focus turned a $30 business into a global greeting card empire. Learn how she taught herself to slow down when it counts.  Need to be inspired? Tune in for this week’s Focus Fridays podcast with Adèle!

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My chat with Rosanne Cash

August 13, 2010

wowOwow has published my chat with Rosanne Cash, which will also be on NPR Saturday, August 14 at 5 pm ET. We talked about time, travel and the importance of sound. Because of her deep sensibility about our relationship with time, it turned out to be one of the most profound interviews I’ve had the pleasure of conducting. When you connect with an artist like Rosanne who really understands her craft, and has language to describe it, it is a true gift.

She just released her memoir, COMPOSED, which we discuss through the lens of time. It is a most stunning book, which will leave you thinking more deeply about your own life, too. I invite you to listen to her wisdom here!

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It doesn’t take much, but it does take something to live a healthy lifestyle. According to a recent report by the German health insurance company DKV and the Cologne University for Sports Studies, one in seven Germans lives an unhealthy lifestyle, which is defined as having too little movement and too little nutritional care.

So how can we improve our habits? By taking it one step at a time. Literally.

Thirty minutes of exercise a day would take care of more than our share of health issues (whether in the United States, Germany or elsewhere). According to the Mayo Clinic web site, aerobic exercise can not only increase your stamina, reduce your stress and strengthen your heart, it can also ward off viral illnesses, keep excess weight off and keep your mind sharp.

In essence, movement keeps you young. Eating what I like to call ‘things from outside’, that is foods in their original state, can also contribute to your longevity.

Tell that to the younger set. According to the German report, people under 30 were the worst in terms of healthy habits with only 7.4% living a healthy lifestyle (defined as exercising 30 minutes five times a week and eating fruits and vegetables every day).

When I asked my wise eleven-year-old daughter why she thinks that is, she immediately pointed to all the high tech gadgets that keep kids distracted, and tethered, to them. In response, I handed her an apple to offset the Nutella she had just breakfasted and suggested that thirty minutes of housecleaning could replace a walk outside.

She grinned, then plopped herself in front of her computer for a half-hour.

Healthy habits start at home. It looks like we have some work to do in our own, but we’re on our way. Now where did I put that mop…?

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Abundance. You just have to love that word. It bounces in your mouth with immeasurable fullness. It does itself justice just in the way it sounds.

So when I came across Deepak Chopra’s latest quotable wisdom, I had to share.

In our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives. ~Deepak Chopra

That is what acts of kindness are about, keeping the goodness circulating, paying it forward as we pave our lives forward.

The same formula applies to a lack mentality. Start any sentence with “I don’t have…” and you’re right! Start it with “I have…” and you’re right again! See where I’m going with this?

So how can we circulate abundance today? Think hard about what it is that you are seeking, then give it. Want world peace? Nicer working conditions? A friendlier neighbor?

It starts with you and me.