Taking it slow through ice and snow

December 10, 2010

Winter has Europe in its firm grip. This morning I grappled with myself about whether or not I should go to the gym. My thinking went like this:

Angel side of myself: “I have a manuscript to edit. I really should work on that since I’ve been gone a lot this week.”

Slow side of myself: “You’ve been gone a lot this week. That’s right. And you know are more productive when you’ve exercised.”

Devil side of myself: “I want chocolate.”

Angel side of myself: “Okay, Slow, you can have your way, but remember. Go, well, slow. It’s icey out there.”

The sun blinded me against the white landscape as I pulled out of the driveway, only to get stuck in the neighbor’s parking space. I tried to move forward, but the car spun its wheels.

I rocked the car back and forth and realized I was going nowhere. By now, sleep had fallen from my lids. In an adrenaline rush that only driving in dangerous weather conditions can provide, I carefully pulled back into the garage and smiled.

“Okay, Angel, Slow and Devil. We’re not going anywhere. Manuscript editing it is!”

Sometimes we need to find out for ourselves that no movement is the best move we can make!

4 Responses to “Taking it slow through ice and snow”

  1. zottavox Says:

    Thank you for sharing such uplifting shots re: Life During Winter. Exercise is so vital but we can catch up on an amazing amount of work on the odd days we miss it. I think the conundrum of Winter is learning how to love it, even when it forces us to miss and alter certain routines we’d normally otherwise do. Great job coping:)!

  2. powerofslow Says:

    Thank you! I really needed that today. Winter offers great lessons in correcting the course of our direction, oftentimes out of necessity alone!

  3. Val Garner Says:

    It stinks to get stuck in the snow.

    Chocolate is always good!

  4. powerofslow Says:

    It does indeed. It is snowing yet again…! 🙂

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