When to say “That’s enough!”

January 17, 2011

Boundaries ~ the line in the sand that ushers children into adulthood. When my daughter asked why she couldn’t have a mother who said ‘yes’ to everything, I said, “Because you deserve a mother who loves you.”

Blank stare. Non-comprehending stance. Arms parked in a crossed position. Furrowed brow. Then a sliver of light beaming at the bridge of her nose.


We benefit from signals radiating from our surroundings that say ‘No, not now.’ Sometimes, even as adults, we ignore those signs, plowing forward as if we were invincible.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks. After having had the flu last week, I was astounded at how weak I still was. I thought about sticking it out to the end of the class, then left half-way through (I’ve only ever done that once before when the step class I was in was clearly over my head!).

I battled with that part of myself that says “You should be able to do this,” even though I was in no shape to do so. I wrangled with myself, wishing it weren’t so that I had overstepped my own limitations.

“Not now,” the power of slow part of myself gently guided me out the door. It is our higher selves, much like the mother who does not always say ‘yes’, that cares the most. It resides in the heart and speaks with a whisper.

Will you listen to your inner voice today?

4 Responses to “When to say “That’s enough!””

  1. Your post really spoke to me. I stayed home sick from work today. It is something that I rarely do, but as I think I have food poisoning a 100 mile commute today and working just did not sound like a good idea. I did listen to that inner voice today.

    Have a great day.

  2. Val Garner Says:

    Glad you listened to your body. Its so hard after being sick to work out. I’m in the same boat, and its sad to see how much you lose physically while sick. But, important to listen to our bodies and take it slow.

  3. powerofslow Says:

    James ~ I am so proud of you. Good for you! It is so important to value yourself and to honor your body when it speaks. Imagine a world in which we all listened to that inner voice. What a world it could be! Wishing you great healing!

  4. powerofslow Says:

    Wishing you wellness, Val!

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