The Final Stretch ~ Day #16 “If there’s a will…”

May 15, 2011

…there’s a way!” That’s what Willow Drinkwater grew up believing. Tasked with a fundraising effort that she thought nearly impossible, she set about to raise funds for a new library. Collect $300,000 in three motnhs? In her sleepy, yet tony town outside Charlottesville, VA?


Not only was she (and her team) able to raise the funds, they also motivated Bill Gates to donate the computers that now grace the roomy 6,000 square foot building.

“It was about intention,” says Willow. “We put up a thermometer and our small town saw what had to be done, then did it. Gordonsville is the little town that could!”

Stretching beyond her perceived limits is something Willow is used to doing. She has the ability to motivate people, which, in turn, motivates her to keep going. Life has thrown many curve balls her way, and she has risen up to meet every challenge…and in most cases, she’s managed to have fun along the way.

Hers is an amazing story of endurance and grace. What better way to end The Daily Stretch than with her story? She’s a role model for many. And you know what else? She’s my mom!

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One Response to “The Final Stretch ~ Day #16 “If there’s a will…””

  1. Marijean Says:

    I love this! And, indeed, every story I learn about Willow. What an inspiring woman she is — it’s no wonder her daughters have become such incredibly talented, amazing women as well.

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