The Heartache of Instant

May 18, 2011

It was bound to happen. As you know, I’m a recovering speedaholic and there are days when I fall off the wagon and do something too quickly. In our 24/7 world, we often feel the crush of the rush. It’s as if a little black cloud nestled above our right shoulder is whispering our doom if we don’t hurry up and finish. Hurry up and react. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!

But our inner tortoise says, “Hey, you! Slow down and breathe….”

So I sent out a notice on behalf of a client, then got an astonished response from them that I sent it already. It was supposed to go out tomorrow. They had hastily read their e-mail from me confirming the release date and agreed on Wednesday, although they were thinking Thursday.  But Thursday to me, who travelled 1,000 miles in the last  four weeks, meant last Thursday. And I thought I was late.

Turns out I was a day too early.

In the PR world, that’s heady stuff if you send out an announcement before it’s time. Like grounds for dismissal forever.

And whilst the black cloud to my right was telling me to hurry, my sweet and wise turtle was plodding unnoticed to my left.

But then the air cleared once the client admitted confusion and we all made up. In record time.

Instantaneousness can lead to heartache. That hasty e-mail sent without thought, the fierce text message dashed off without care, the flaming Facebook rant for all eyes to see.

We live in a transparent, harried world. My dear slow, I love you so. If I ever leave you again, you have my permission to give me a nudge.

Slowly, of course!

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4 Responses to “The Heartache of Instant”

  1. powerofslow Says:

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your post. Please visit often!

  2. John Marine Says:

    It feels so good – to ” slow down ” dinkweed !!!!!! slow down – anybody tried hypnosis for the learning of slowing down ?????- I use — messages to myself – slow down – focus on ” NOW ” and be present where you are — here and now —only – just slow down and focus on now only —-now — now is all that we have ==sooooooooo ——-change now- do not gamble on the future – a freind of mine just bought a place in florida and two weeks later he recieved notice from his doctor that he had metastized cancer in his brain bones and lungs !!!!!!!!!!!!! arrrggghhhhhhhhhhh —slow down dinkweed – slow down and focus on NOW/HERE — where you are now and here only – so I use self hypnosis – I —focus on now only – change myself now and here only – no tomorrows no yesterdays — just here and now — focus and go sloww

  3. John Marine Says:

    I am still on this path of focusing and slowing down – i even type slow now- hehehe–lololo—I drive slower and cut wood slower – I even mow the lawn slower – I walk slower – I think slower -hehehe–help me with this huh?? help – thanks a lot for listening – I appreciate it- I alos collect unusual rocks and do that slower – great – thanks again

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