The Thunder Clap of Thursday

June 10, 2011

What is your favorite day of the week? Is it Monday as you start anew? Sunday, the day of rest? Or do you, like me, adore Thursdays, that is, Thor’s day, the most thunderous day of the week?

Thursday is a delicious time of almost-there-to-weekend jocularity. It holds promise, sweet tension and a hint of seductive grace. We have nearly a week of hard work behind us and on Friday? Well, not too much can be expected of one who has gotten the job done, right?

Thursdays, like the Fridays of entitlement, are a state of mind. I like Thursdays because they embody all that is precious about time ~the savoring of the moment right before the thing, the thunder clap before the storm. And for Thursday, that thing is a routine-busting experience not yet arrived.

Thursday has come and gone, only to return again. Today is Friday, people. How are you going to get your weekend groove on?



4 Responses to “The Thunder Clap of Thursday”

  1. I’m going to wrap up my week by spending a few glorious hours working at something I love doing–then I’m going to scour the Northern Plains for tomato cages. I might need the whole weekend to find them.

  2. Thor’s Day went out in rolling thunder here at Cedar Hill Paradise Farm. And we got some much needed rain from it. But Lady was so scared, she collapsed behind our sofa and wouldn’t budge until the night theatrics were over. It’s hard to explain to a dog that the angels are moving God’s furniture around.

  3. […] Thursday has had its own appreciation in another post. I know. You must be miffed at the Thor’s Day, Thunder Clap reference. I couldn’t help […]

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