Unsticking the Stuck

September 10, 2011

The other day I was tasked with a quick-turnaround piece that someone asked me to write. My head had been filled with a variety of topics so by day’s end I felt fried. Stepping away from my desk, I decided to engage in some manual labor to get my mind off my thoughts and my hands on something I could actually feel. The act of dipping the watering can into the rain barrel felt like a christening of sorts. I could feel the fog peel away from my brain as I walked to and from the barrel to feed my indoor plants.

By the time I had dipped my hands into the sink to wash up a few dishes, an idea flashed across my mind about how I could approach the writing assignment. Fifteen minutes later I had whipped up something I thought mightily presentable.

People often say they get their best ideas in the shower. Research shows that a rested mind is a creative one. So the next time you are stuck, push yourself away from your normal surroundings and go somewhere new. You might just get that lightning bolt of inspiration that was lurking behind the door. Only this time you’ll have the key to unlock its glory!

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One Response to “Unsticking the Stuck”

  1. How true this is! Came home from a stressful day managing my daughter’s nail salon and Alan took one look at my straggling in, and said, “Get thee to the hottub.” It worked. I made him dinner afterwards.

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