Mind-mapping your way to freedom

January 23, 2012

Many thanks to Psychology Today reader Kallin, who pointed me to this mind map, courtesy of LearningFundamentals.com.au. It beautifully illustrates how we can regain control of the things we do in the time that we have.

Happy Monday Morning, All!

Simple Ways to Slow - Courtesy of LearningFundamentals.com.au


2 Responses to “Mind-mapping your way to freedom”

  1. ghislaine Says:

    the right side of your blog… the subscription space + the facebook space are covering 1/2 of the mind map… because the map is bigger than the center space of your blog where you would usually write…


  2. powerofslow Says:

    That’s how large the idea is. 😉 It will eventually push down as other posts fill the space. You can click on it to see the original source. Thanks!

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