Instant America

March 28, 2012

Instant gratification, high-speed Internet access, speed dating. Now, now, yesterday!

We live in a culture of speed. This infographic proves it. Yet we get more accomplished (the real reason for why we want to go so fast) if we slow down.

How will you slow down today?


3 Responses to “Instant America”

  1. redjim99 Says:

    Just get to the point!



  2. For me the best thing about slowing down is that it creates immense space in my life. It creates time. I often have cleared out ‘things I should be doing’ thoughts and just revel in the fact that I have ‘too much time’ if thats even possible. I’ve even begun to guard that feeling against unwanted barrages of thoughts to fill the free time because I enjoy that space so much. love your blog!

  3. powerofslow Says:

    Excellent, John! I appreciate your stopping by. Please visit often. It appears we are of like mind!

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