Mind Mapping the Slow

August 17, 2012

The folks at MindMaple approached me with an irresistible offer to try out their new mind mapping software. Having never created a mind map before, I felt a little daunted, but the software was so easy, even someone as non-technical as myself could grasp the concept quite readily.

If you are looking for a snazzy way to shape up your power point presentations,  your office walls or even your screen saver, check out MindMaple. They offer a lite, free version so if you don’t want the bells and whistles, try it instead.

And for those of you who are curious what I came up whilst trying out the software myself, I offer you this. Slow. In true colors.


3 Responses to “Mind Mapping the Slow”

  1. Hi Christine,

    What did you do with the map after you created it? Many people only make mind maps and then they think they are done.

    For me it only begins when the map is created. This could be as a guide for living my life, a daily planning, organizing my work, etc.

    So what did you do with the map? I look forward to hearing from you on this.

  2. powerofslow Says:

    Hey Arjen,

    Given that this is my first mind map, I haven’t thought beyond its creation. But, much like an image board, I can imagine that a mind map is a great way to plan out where you are and where you want to go. It segments things, gives them process and structure. I like structure. It helps me know what to expect.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Christine,
    Yes, you are right, it gives structure and helps to outline thoughts and situations. You could use the map to create for instance an online learning course on the power of slow. If you like to look into that together, just let me know.

    Best regards,


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