June 20, 2012

In my book author meanderings, I have met some incredible people: Dick Bolles, the author of the legendary What Color is Your Parachute, Louise Hay, author and publisher of Hay House; yes, I even met Oprah’s man friend, Stedman once as he released a new book at America’s largest book fair, Book Expo America.

For me, visiting a bookstore is like seeing old friends again. Wherever I go, I pop into one just to say ‘Hi!’ Inevitably, I will know one or two people on the shelf.

Reading is a special kind of listening. You take it in through your eyes, but if the book is written from the heart, you receive it through yours as well. Such is the book Listen by Lynn A. Robinson. Her prose has a gentle, lilting cadence that teaches you to trust your inner voice in times of trouble. I’ve talked about your inner GPS in prior posts, but listen to what Lynn says about it:

Some of us fear our inner guidance because it often leads us to something scary or outside our comfort zone. Viewed a different way, however, it can also lead us to new cycles of learning, growth, and spiritual wisdom. The discomfort or confusion you feel is actually your intuition directing you to make choices in your life that will allow you to break free (page 114).

Are you ready for some of that? Liberation is indeed a good thing. It may require some awkward steps forward. You do remember learning how to walk, right? A little crashing on your derrière is inevitable. But if you go slowly, it won’t hurt that badly. Promise!

In the fabulous words of chanteuse Zaz from France: Allons ensemble découvrir ma liberté. (Let’s discover my liberty together).

It starts with the small, still voice within. What is it saying to you?


Life’s Little Surprises

September 28, 2011

You wake up an hour later than you thought.

Your job description has been turned on its head.

The weather takes a sudden turn.

Change, and the way its managed, can impact our lives more than we realize. As I recently read somewhere, long-term success is not based on what you do right, but what you do when things go wrong.

Life’s little surprises hold a nugget of wisdom we often cannot see. The day I got up a full hour later than I had intended, I managed to get to the TV studio earlier than anyone else.

How was that possible?

It’s a little secret I am about to share. If you take it on, magic will happen. Wait. Before you turn the dial (or click the mouse), hang on. It is real.

It is called time abundance, embracing time so you have more of it. I literally did what was necessary instead of fretting about what I could or could not change. And the full extra hour of sleep kept me focused as I drove down the autobahn (at the speed limit!) without any distractions. No radio. No CD. No cell phone. Nada. I simply looked at the road and assured myself that I would arrive at the exact time I needed to. And wouldn’t you know? I did!

When your job takes a new direction, see it as an opportunity to learn something new. It’s a stretch, for sure. Change is merely the cause for bringing back into our awareness that things happen just as they should. We are reminded in those moments that uncertainty lurks just beneath our consciousness at all times. We work with probabilities. This or that will probably happen. We rest in the hope that it will.

The weather is a great example of how we have tried to harness the wind with our metrics and gizmos. Can we ever really know for certain whether things will happen as we think? All we can really do is raise the likelihood that they will.

One never really knows. And that is the beauty unfolding.

Life is full of little surprises. They are treasures wrapped in mystery. When we meet them with wonder, life takes on a fullness that can mend our broken hearts and restore us to whole.

Take a moment today to reside in that wonder. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you find underneath.