Somewhere in the Dance

November 6, 2012

The framed picture spoke a thousand words in just a few:

“I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing.”

Your heart can dance even if your feet cannot. As I recently posted, life is a dance. The partners we choose make all the difference. You might not be able to choose the family you are born into, but you can choose the people that surround you. You can choose who to hang out with and who to let go. You get to decide whether to waltz or do the Texas swing.

You might fall down every once in a while, or trip over life’s unpleasantness. But as long as your heart keeps beating, you can remain somewhere in the dance.

Where are you in yours?

Slow Dancing

December 17, 2010

disco ball
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The term ‘slow dance’ brings me back to that crepe papered gym under the glitter disco ball in the seventh grade. You knew it was coming as you scoped the room for the boy you hoped would choose you for that slow dance at the end.

I still get sweaty palms thinking about it.

As an adult I have come to realize that life is a dance. Just like the glass ball that casts its rainbow glitz, we capture moments of glamour, angst and flow (not necessarily in that order) as we dance our way through life.

There are dips, slides and perfect pirouettes. We experience tap and sometimes jazz. We are always on the move, even when we are sitting still for life, my friends, is swing, Fox Trot and tango all wrapped into one.

Which dance do you prefer? The boogey? Jitterbug? The waltz? Whichever one you choose, may it fulfill you and your heart’s desire.

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Let’s do it!

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