The Flame of Intuition

October 28, 2012

Intuition mostly comes like a flash of lightning. It is a strong inner knowing about something you couldn’t possibly know about through facts or even experience. It can be a guiding light in the storm of confusion. It can be your saving grace.

Listening to your inner voice requires that you slow down long enough to hear it. In our hustle and bustle of every day life, it can be challenging to take pause and reflect, much less stop for a moment when that intuitive voice decides to speak. It’s not something you can plan, really. It’s not as if that voice works on a schedule like you do.

So when it chooses to speak to you, you had better listen. It’s your divine intelligence showing you the way. You may not feel lost at the moment, but if you ignore your inner voice, you are not on the path you are meant to be on.

Some people tell me they don’t have an inner voice. Maybe they have never actually heard it before, or knew what they were experiencing when they did. But it is my deepest conviction that we all have the Divine Within. Give it a chance to express itself and it will take you on a journey of incredible beauty.

It takes fortitude to trust that voice. Sometimes you might get visions that accompany your intuition. I sure do. That’s usually when my ego mind jumps out of its chair and shouts:

“You’re crazy, right???!”

Take Sedona, for instance. For weeks I heard a voice that said, “Go to Sedona and you will heal.”

Sedona, Arizona? Really? I already have weeks of travel ahead of me both in Europe and America. How could I possibly squeeze in another trip this year?

Then it occurred to me to see how far Sedona is from San Diego where I had a few unplanned days to explore the area. It is well within a day’s drive.

Plans started to form in my head. Then, as I told my mom about the idea, she said, “I have a movie called ‘Sedona’ right here on my desk. Let’s go together!”

And so the flame of intuition that started to burn over a month ago has grown into a roaring fire. I do not question the “why” of things. I trust in this voice as it has never led me astray. The more I do, the more vivid my ideas have become.

What intuitive thoughts have you had lately that you have disregarded? What if you were to follow just one of them? Where would it lead you? It might take you out of your comfort zone, but it is only there that you will grow. How far are you willing to follow that voice?

With a treasure chest full of trust and love, I’m ready to take that journey. Are you?


We all have pivotal moments in our lives in which just a few words and circumstances change everything. One minute you are humming along, minding your own business, going in a singular direction when suddenly your life takes a sharp left (or right) with the utterance of a phrase such as “Is this seat taken?” or “Hey, you have the same sweater as I do, only in green.” You meet people who change you immeasurably, although you may not know it at the moment of your first interaction.

Take my very best friend in the Whole Wide World. I’ve known her since seventh grade. We met on the bus on the way to a field trip. She was wearing the same sweater as I was so we engaged in a conversation. Since that day, she has seen me to hell and back again. We’re like that. The rest, as they say, is history.

As I have gotten older, I have experienced numerous “fateful” encounters such as sitting next to the very person I needed to meet, whether on an airplane, in a restaurant…just about anywhere the juicy can be found (juicy in this context means absolute truth in Self; the source of All That Is: the progenitor of beauty, grace, aliveness. I’m sure there’s an ultra-long name for it in German that I could make up if I had my wits about me, but as it is I am about to say goodbye to my beloved Grado and I’m a little distracted by that. Translate “juicy” into French? Now I’d really have to think about that one! Maybe one of you has a good term. If so, please share!).

The thing is I don’t believe in fate, but rather that everything happens exactly as it should. We humans reside in the unfolding. The only thing to do is to bring your awareness to it at any given moment. To do so, you need the Slow. It is what helps you focus your attention on what is really happening versus your interpretation of it.

In my view, it is as if there is a Divine Plan for us all. And in those juicy encounters with people in seemingly banal situations, you realize your personal Plan is unfolding in mysterious, yet revealing ways.

It makes me love life all the more when I meet those amazing people who change my world all over again.

Those Plan encounters are the best because they lead me back to my own juicy, that delicious space of creative somethingness. Getting back to Self in powerful ways is the most liberating experience. When we get to know someone else, it is as if we are getting to know a part of ourselves that we were not yet aware existed. When we take time to open ourselves to the beautiful gift that others have to offer us, we absorb so much more of what life itself is meant to be. And we can do the same for them.

Giving the juicy is as good as receiving it. When you meet someone new, how might you give them a spark of renewal? In a smile? A kind word? A promise of friendship forever?

Some juicy encounters last a day. Others a lifetime. It is my wish to you that whomever you meet next is a juicy one. The result is a sense of Flow, a timelessness, an awakening to the Spirit within. Let’s face it. We could all use more Flow in our lives because it leads to inner peace, which leads to outer peace, which leads to a whole world being rocked by the amazingness of life.

Not sure how to find your juicy? The best way to find it is to give that experience to someone else. Here’s a little secret: juicy begets juicy. Yeah, life’s like that.