Chocolate. It is happiness in a wrapper.

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is so delightful? For anyone who has delved into a bar and emerged with a grin, you will agree that the sweetness of this cocoa-based treat resembles the healing powers of Grandma’s homemade apple pie.

Chocolate. It’s chicken soup for the soul.

According to the European Heart Journal (as reported in The Guardian), chocolate can significantly lower your blood pressure and stave off other ugly cardiovascular illnesses. I know a little square of dark chocolate now and then prevents me from losing my top at the people in my house.

The crumbled wrapper on my desk reveals that four squares of my Milka chocolate bar remain. With hungry mouths that devour anything close to junk food in the kitchen, I swept away the remnants of the bar with impunity. We had a tense weekend with the kids, a blend of financial planning and misbehaving Wee Ones whose main goal was to see how far their limits could go while they thought we weren’t looking.

We were.

It was nothing a little chocolate couldn’t cure. My blood pressure has stabilized, thanks to the flavanols and the joy emitted by the brown candy sitting on my desk!

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