New Year, New Pace

December 29, 2011

My gift to you for 2012 is a new pace of life, one that matches the beat of your resting, not racing, heart.

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Basking in the unfolding

January 6, 2011

What is it about a new year that brings our desire for sweeping change? Afriend of mine showed me her list of intentions this year. When she asked me what mine were, I gave her a single answer. “It is the Year of the Narrative.” She asked what it meant, and I attempted to explain. In truth, I am not certain what it looks like specifically. And I don’t have the desire to define it further than that. I am relying on my intuition to guide me to that which is true.

It may seem like a cop out. After all, so much of our world is about control. Controlling our weight; controlling our fate. But oddly I don’t have the need to control what happens, but rather a sincere desire to bask in the unfolding.

Something about the new year drives me to clear away the old (Christmas decorations included!). Books that once claimed an inalienable right on my shelves have withered into unimportance. Clothes that I once treasured have found their way into the recycling bin.

Transience. Everything shifts back to the source at one time or another. Even as I write these lines, the snow my son is vigorously shoving off the porch in veils of white will soon return to the heavens.

So while many have written resolutions to abide by, I make the single claim that time is my friend for as long as I have it.

Everything else shall pass.

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Naming Your Year

January 3, 2011


Image Courtesy of Frank Frenzer

Every year since grad school, my husband and I have set about to name the New Year to reflect our values and goals. We’ve had the Year of Fun, the Year of the House, the Year of Travel and the Year of Beauty. This year we’ve come across the Year of the Narrative, whatever that really means (last year I spent a great deal of time surrounding myself with Beauty in all forms).

I’m a big story teller. Whether it’s in pictures, in words or in motion, you can express your story however you’d like. It’s true. Everyone’s got a story to tell. I love listening to stories, writing them and speaking them outloud. Sometimes I dance the story or sing it (typically in the car ~ singing, that is. Dancing? I do that everywhere else).

How might you call 2011?  Name your year to mirror your vision of what you’d like your life to be.


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Happy New Year!

December 30, 2010

Are you ready to embrace 2011 for all it’s worth? As my gift to you, I offer you a 10-week wisdom course on learning how to embrace the power of slow. You will receive 10 one-minute audio messages to remind you how others have found time to do what they love.

Embrace the slow today! Happy New Year, everyone!

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