Many thanks to @SuzanneHenry for pointing to these trends, such as de-teching and outsourcing self-control (remember my time suck Quickrr post?), to help keep us interacting with each other in the now.


This is a truly remarkable story about a family that gives gifts they already have that they think others would like. And in the process, they have a lot of fun.

Script consultant Linda Seger, who has received accolades from the likes of director Ron Howard, shares her wisdom of focus and reward.

“I make sure that I do my work at my highest creative time (which is mornings) when I’m freshest, so I am not interfering with my work during my play time.” How does she play? Listen to Linda Seger’s wisdom here. [Listening instructions: Click on the link, then click on it again for it to open your media player. Be sure your pop-up blocker has been deactivated.]