In Step with Synchronicity

September 14, 2012

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung coined the phrase synchronicity, which means the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.

So it was with my visit to the iPhone Doctor recently.

My iPhone was ill. After all that international travel, it could no longer pick up its indigenous phone signal, leaving it rather useless for someone who, well, needs a phone. I asked a local service provider if she knew something about iPhones. A few swipes on the screen told me she did not. With a solemn look, she gazed deeply into my eyes and said:

“This is a case for the iPhone Doctor.”

I could almost hear the creepy horror movie music play in the background as she spoke the words.

She carefully described how to get to his place. Take a left, then a right, then another right. I set off with great hope in my heart that the Doctor could help. But when I got to the address, that the local shop lady said several times and with the confidence of an insider, I couldn’t find a sign indicating anything about a doctor, much less an iPhone. That is, until a lady who appeared on the stoop next door gave me the same gaze the shop lady did and said:

“What are you searching for? Maybe I can help!”

I was about to tell her what I really wanted to know was the meaning of life, but stopped short as I realized perhaps asking for directions would be better.

“Ah yes, the iPhone Doctor. He’s there. Just push open the door and go upstairs. Last office on your left.”

Again, the creepy music played in my head and I swear her body language added: “He’s waiting for you.”

I climbed the stairs to be greeted by a smiling face that didn’t belong to the iPhone Doctor, but who had the same knowing look. “You’re going to see him, aren’t you?” the face seemed to say. I smiled weakly, then continued down the long corridor to the last office.

And then there he was: Jürgen, the iPhone Doctor, smiling like a Buddha as I walked into his space.

“I was on vacation, you see…” and he interrupted with a shudder. “Your phone got wet, didn’t it? Let me guess. Swimming pool? Jacuzzi?” He sized me up with a keen eye.

“None of the above! It’s simply cranky because I kept switching networks. You know. Swisscom, iWind, Orange France!”

He tooled around with it for a while, professionally swiping screen after screen, grunting quietly, then brushing away the detritus in the speaker with a toothbrush and buffing the screen with a woolly towel.

“Here you go! Good as new. But if all else fails, hit reset, okay?”

Which is what I ended up doing when I got home because my iPhone continued to act crazy. Jürgen’s backup advice worked. And that’s all I cared about.

The synchronicity of the moment made me realize there are guiding forces in our lives that show us the way when we can’t help ourselves. When we are present to them, life can be so much fun. When asked why he has no sign on his door, Jürgen revealed to me that his word-of-mouth strategy is ultimately more effective than advertising. It has more impact. He leverages the power of synchronicity because, as he says, “I want the people to come looking for me.”

What synchronicities can you find today? Look for them. They are there, waiting for you to see them so they can play too.

When Synchronicity Calls

April 21, 2010

This morning I was listening to a fabulous interview with Marilyn Nyborg for Women on the Edge of Evolution‘s weekly audio series. She was talking about how women were not present during the signing of the Declaration of Independence or during the drafting of the US Constitution. We are functioning within a system that was built by men for men. And, folks, as Nature is telling us through sustained stratospheric ash , it is no longer working.

As I was listening to her talk, I began wondering how I might address more women’s groups because, after all, I am one. Not to marginalize anyone here, but women fulfill so many more roles than men (if you want to fight me on this one, go ahead, but be warned. I went to a women’s college). We need to put on the brakes to regroup. The speed with which we are currently running is no longer sustainable.

That goes for men, too.

My ringing cell phone interrupted my thoughts. It was a long-time friend who lives in Munich. She was on her way back from Frankfurt (concurrently my husband just arrived there). She wanted to know if I might present for her women’s group, of which she is a board member.

I nearly dropped the phone.

She went on to explain the remarkable synchronicities that have filled her life since she embarked in what she calls self-exploration. We had a tremendous meeting of the minds and I was left uplifted and happy and oh so synchronous.

What synchronicities can you see in your own life? Take the time to reflect and breathe. Remember to leave the door open for it is only through openings that new things can enter.