My dad and his wife arrived yesterday for their first visit in fifteen years. Despite my prayers to the weather gods, it has been murky and damp. In fact, the roof-pelting rain woke us up at midnight.

rainWeather is a marvelously instructive device for realizing Who’s in control…and who’s not. It also forces us to slow down, even when we’d rather dash from here to there. Snow, sleet, hail, and rain keep us grounded as we creep forward at a turtle’s pace.

While bemoaning the weather on Facebook, one of my contacts reminded me at least I now have a place to sit while watching the rain (the long-awaited couch arrived on Tuesday after some serious negotiations involving multiple attempts and a power call with management).

In truth, I welcome days like these when the weather clamps us down to a crawl. It gives us reason to ponder the wind and the glorious rhythms of Nature. The power of slow can unfold magnificently as we accept what is in this very moment.