Nature’s Narrative

February 22, 2010

For the third time this winter, we’ve seen the sun.

I exaggerate.

For the second.

It has been a Star Wars-like season ~ dark battling light. It appeared for a time that the darkness had won. But in the last few days, Nature has spoken in more ways than one.

It started with a long walk outdoors I took yesterday. Face sunward, I gleefully donned my winter boots for a communion with the light. The concerto of spring-minded birds taunted my ears. I stomped through the crisp snow to the forest’s edge. Dipping into the shaded woods, I followed deer tracks for a while, then a set of badger paws that seemed to be following the deer themselves. The baby deer tracks made my heart leap for joy.

“You made it. Your mama, too.” Winter’s final cry has come in the form of curtains of snow colliding with the Earth as the sun’s proximity leaves the houses dripping.

Nature has spoken. And I like what I hear.


Winter WonderWhat?

January 7, 2009


No matter how hard I try, winter is the one season I have a hard time embracing. I see animals struggle to stay cold (heck! anyone dependent on Russia’s non-flowing natural gas supply right now is struggling to do the same), the trees look like forlorn statues on hold, and breath turns into form the moment you step outdoors.

Winter, someone once told me, is the Earth sleeping. Having just watched a TV report about the coldest inhabited place on Earth (in Eastern Russia – where else?), I realize what wonders winter brings – slowness. You can’t drive fast on icy roads. In fact, just the other day I had to inform my client that I would be late, something I hate to do. “Icy Roads – will be there 30 minutes later”. His response? “Drive safely. See you soon!”

Just like that. Winter brings us a slower pace of life, the coziness of nighttime fires, and a hot cup of tea.

Thank you, winter. I won’t question you again…or at least until we part ways and I wonder how the other half of the world is doing as you creep closer to its side of space and time…