power of slow badge of honorAre you feeling time-starved or time abundant? Take this quiz to find out where your personal relationship with time lands.

5 Responses to “Time Abundance Quiz”

  1. Mary Jo Rabe Says:

    Interesting ideas, not entirely applicable to or realistic for my situation at the moment.

  2. The questions seemed a bit skewed toward “busy=evil.” Can’t you work joyously? All day? And even more?

    Also, I could not make heads or tails of the summary.

    But everyone loves a quiz! Whoops–maybe it’s just us powerhouse types . . .

  3. Elaine Ruckel Says:

    Wonderful to see these ideas. In this time of awareness and the extraordinary power of being present in the now, it is joyful to see others spreading the word about this way of being. Our Oneness in the universe can be one of love, joy, peace and unity if we can use the power of slow for developing awareness of the connection of all of life.


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